Can Drinking From a Straw Damages Your Lips?

A drink with a straw


Do Straws Cause Lip Lines?

We have heard for a very long time now that we need 6-8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated, and keep our skin healthy. Drinking water is a great, but many of us use a straw to get the liquid past our lips.

  • Some women don’t want to mess up their lipstick and others, just don’t like drinking directly from a cup or bottle.
  • Some dentists say it avoids tooth decay while drinking soda ( less contact with your teeth)
  • People are concerned in a glass is cleaned properly
  • Restaurateurs put too much ice in a drink making it very cold to drink, and the ice when you tip the glass can fall out and make a mess.

Lose The Straw For Firm Line Free Lips

Well ladies, dermatologists will tell you to lose the straws. The constant pursing of your lips, creates lip lines and aggravates the ones that have already developed.

Smoking cigarettes causes the same damage to your lips , but also causes damage to the dermal layer of your skin.

Chewing gum can aggravate and extenuate lines that are all ready there, and they can cause the muscles around your mouth to become lax as well.

So, the best advice is to drink straight out of the bottle, from a cup, skip the straw, forget the chewing gum, and pop a mint.

Saving The World -Pass On a Straw

Americans use an estimated 500 million straws everyday. It is no wonder than when you take a walk on the beach you are almost always guaranteed to find a discarded plastic straw. They are one of the top ten discarded items picked up during beach clean up days. They are one of the top polluters, and landfill items.

It’s easy to do your part to help keep the oceans and beaches clean, and prevent overfilling of our landfills. Plastic does just not magically disappear, it takes a very long time for a straw to break down.

One little step to help reduce your carbon footprint, and hydrate trash free. It’s good for the environment, and will keep your skin looking younger too!








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