Expiration Dates -When To Toss Your Beauty and Toiletry Products

Is It time To Toss Your Beauty and Toiletry Products?

It may find your make drawers and medicine cabinets collect a multitude of jars, creams, and product. If you are like me you hate to waste product or throw it out, but on a recent purge I determined I had kept many lotions, potions, and creams far past their expiration date. Many I had not used in years, and I was not game to give them a go on my skin. So I did a quick search and found this chart.

Here is an easy to read chart that can help you quickly and easily determine when it is time to throw out all most every type of beauty product. A few unmentioned products are discussed under the chart.


General Rules Apply- Expiration Dates of Beauty Products

It may seem like a waste, but many creams that you have not used in a while will become less effectiveness, but could also cause skin irritation. They could also cause a possible bacterial infection that may need medical assistance. Lotions that are in a pump container are less likely to have bacteria introduced, but jars of creams where you have inserted your finger or scoops should be tossed after 6-9 months to be safe.

Shampoos and conditions store well for quite a while, so feel free to stock up on those while they are on sale. Keep them unopened and away from direct light to prolong the safety of the ingredients.

You can also feel free to stock up on bars of soap (not glycerine), and mouthwash, toothpaste and shaving cream which can last for 2-3 years.

The Final Take Away

 The most important take away from this that…..it is important to keep your toiletries, make up, and skin care items away from direct heat, humidity, sunlight, and opening the bottles exposing them to air. Choose products that come in pump dispensers instead of jars. Wash your hands or use a disinfecting wipe to clean your hands and the top of the jar before using them daily so you don’t contaminate your products.

Now head into the bathroom, and make up area and purge. Sadly you probably will not find expiration dates printed on most of the cosmetic and toiletry products that you have purchased. This is due to a lack of regulations the USA, but if you have European products you may have better luck. Products purchased in the USA that the FDA considers drugs such as acne medicines, sunscreens and products medicated hair care products do require expiration dates be put on the label.

If you like to stock up, or use a multitude of products at one time (my shower overflows) you might want to take a permanent marker and write the date you purchased an item, so you know when it should be tossed.

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