Is Vaseline Safe To Use As a Beauty Product?

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How Safe Is Vaseline Safe To Use As a Beauty Product?


Vaseline has claimed a spot in many of our medicine cabinets since 1865. In that time frame millions of people have used petroleum jelly for all kinds of ailments, skin disorders, baby skin care, beauty balms, and more. It’s popularity has not waned since it was first discovered in the mid-1800’s as a by-product from crude oil processing, and yes it contains carcinogenic or cancer causing agents before it’a refinement. However, the chemist who opened a Vaseline factory worked to on a formula to refine and filter the by-product into a safe topical solution, removing the cancer causing compounds.

Is it really safe to use?

You can find it on store shelves, either by the name brand Vaseline, or the generic store brand Petroleum Jelly. The name brand Vaseline is processed and filtered 3 times, the safety of a generic brand may not follow reliable refining practices. So, that may one consideration if you are wanting use a petroleum jelly product on your skin without worrying.

According to the Vaseline website “it meets strict safety requirements set out by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) and also meets the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for Petrolatum as food grade material, although it is designed to be applied topically.”1.

Petroleum Jelly As a Beauty Aid

The jelly provides a protective barrier that locks in moisture, thus creating an occlusive moisturizer that holds in moisture. That is why you will find it as an ingredient in many lotions and creams in the drug store isles.The jelly like product is a blended with a mixture of waxes, mineral oil and paraffin. Studies have shown that a small number of individuals may experience reactions such as rash, redness, and /or swelling with prolonged or repeated skin contact. It is best to test it out to see how you react, and if you use it frequently to let your skin have some petroleum free time, so that it can breathe.

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10 Quick Vaseline Beauty Uses

  1. Vaseline is intended for topical use, not for ingestion. If you get a little in your eye, mouth or nose don’t worry it will not harm you.
  2. Vaseline will not reverse or erase your wrinkles, but it can help keep your skin hydrated, reducing and bluring their visibility.
  3. Apply to clean skin around your nails before applying nail polish. Once your nails dry, simply wipe away any smudges without nail polish remover.
  4. Keep unruly eyebrows in place with a little smug along the arches. Your brows will look thicker and longer.
  5. Extend the life of your perfume. Dab on you wrists and neck before spritzing you favorite fragrance. The vaseline acts like a primer, and prevents the scent molecules from evaporating. Prolonging the lingering scent of your perfume.
  6. Use it highlight cheekbones.This is a great and budget-friendly way to get glowing skin in all the right ways…Just dab a bit of Vaseline on your cheekbones after applying blush for a dewy finish. Even mix it with a little lipstick if you need to add some color to your cheeks.
  7. Use it to protect your skin when you color your hair. To prevent hair color from staining your ears, temples and forehead, all you need to do is dab Vaseline along your hairline before your applying hair color at home or your professional appointment.
  8. Enhance the effectiveness of your skin care serum. Lightly pat a thin layer of Vaseline over your eye serum or face cream, and it will seal it into your skin.  However, it is not recommended to apply over retinol-based formulas, as it could cause skin irritation.
  9. Soften and sooth dry cuticles, buy rubbing a small thin layer over your fingers to heal scraggly, cracked cuticles.
  10. Heal cracked heals. Simply apply a thin layer of Vaseline on cracked or dry feet after using a pumice to smooth away dead skin. Then throw on a pair of socks hit the hay, and after a good nights sleep your feet should be super smooth and ready for public viewing.

Homemade Honey Vaseline Lip Balm

  1. Combine three tablespoons of Vaseline or petroleum jelly with one teaspoon of honey.
  2. Warm it in the microwave, using 10-15 second increments, until is completely melted.
  3. Pour into small pots and let cool before using.

How Long Can Vaseline Be Stored?

  • Jelly has a long-shelf life.
  • Is not likely to develop bacterial growth even if you’ve had a jar for a while.
  • Store appropriately in a dry area, and not in the bathroom for shelf longevity.

The Final Take Away

To summarize Vaseline beauty uses are numerous, and the jelly has many benefits to the skin.  If you stay away from the cheaper generic brands you can trust a brand that has been round for over 150 years. It is an effective everyday moisturizer, help fill and blur fine dry lines around like the eyes, and if an effective lip balm.



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